Summer time

Augie loves to be outside. So do I but I forget. One of the best things about having a little boy is that I am forced to slow down and do things that I would not do. I cannot be the productive person my pride wants me to be. Sometimes I resent this, but today I really had a chance to enjoy it.

We went outside and sat under the tree in our front yard, in the shade. Augie’s attention to things really makes me notice. Today as we lay in the grass I saw tiny white spiders, and ants, and beetles in their own world. Going about the business of doing… what ever they are doing. I thought about being little and looking through the blades as if they were a giant forest.

I lay down and watched the sunlight through the tree- and was a little sad that I couldn’t remember the last time I had done so. I really enjoyed playing nothing with my son outside today, and being very slow and deliberate about the nothing that we were doing. I remebered to have an imagination.

I wonder what he sees, how he sees it.


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2 Responses to

  1. AmySue58 says:

    *You must chant this when you have hippie moments as such*

  2. Christine says:

    *And after that, you must chant*
    Goggy (ask Rob!)
    Augie!! (I do believe this could be taken as a Boggle challenge Miss Amy blamy damey famey gamey jaime lamey namey pay me say me (think Lionel Ritchie) tamey wayme yayme!

    -Christiny beanie deany genie sheeny keeny leany meany weany

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