We are crawling! Jeff has a really cool video that he can send you if your computer can handle it… or enjoy my low-tech presentation- here! The funny thing here is that I was calling Augie to come to me and Mao was sure it was all about him! Hence, that cat in almost every picture I tried to take.

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  1. Sandy Flindall says:

    Hey guys, what a great kiddo you have there! We miss you guys mucho. Its a great thing to see you all smiling. Enjoy the wonderful winter days with your little guy.


  2. Katie Flindall says:

    Hey All! Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to see him in person again – wow has he ever grown! I was hoping you had put up some more pics cause I have not been to Augie Bloggie for a while – so glad there were lots more! Love the Halloween party one too! Can’t wait to see you all in Feb. Much much love – Katie

  3. Anonymous says:

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