Augie-bean is growing unbelievably. We are both constantly commenting to eachother that he is doing things so quickly and so well. He doesn’t seem to want or need our help much lately. I am proud to say that we all “worked” for about an hour straight last night. Kel worked on the Christmas letter, Jeff on church stuff and Aug pushing a giant water bottle around the living room.

Our little man is the exploring fool. Lately he has been amazing at rolling balls, gords, bottles, bells and anything else even slightly “rolly” across the floor. Other games of interest: putting things on head, taking things off mommy’s head, typing on his fake key board, grabbing cats (okay, that has always been one), standing up on any slightly sturdy surface… and I do mean slightly and squeeling with delight.

We have been working on falling asleep on a schedule for a few weeks. He doesn’t really fuss, just gets up and talks and plays instead. Here, at 9 am nap time, we caught him in mid-standup as he fell asleep. It was all we could do not to laugh and wake him up as we took these pictures.

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