This is Jeff. This is actually my first post on the blog, and I will tell you why. You see I am really the only responsible parent in the household. Just look…

…Augie learning bad posture from a video.

…ah, Kelly sleeping when she’s supposed to be watching the man.

…adding him to the wash. It is all a tragic cycle, really.

I, on the other hand, am teaching him how to eat.

I say, “Augie, stuff as much stuff in your mouth as possible and then show to me…..Good Boy.”

Here Augie has put an entire quarter shaped cereal wheel in his mouth. He’s pretty advanced for his age.

Now we are starting on large gords!

We’re also working on reading. Now we started with some nice picture books just a week ago, but now…

…we are dipping into higher level philosophy.

Here Augie has selected from the book shelf William L. Rowe’s “God and the Problem of Evil.”

(Psst…It’s upside down buddy.)

Stay tuned. The man is a walking fool recently, and I will hopefully figure out to videos on here shortly.

Much love,
Kelly and Jeff

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