There are about a million reasons I love to be a mommy. One of my recent favorites it how much it has changed my life. When I am having a weaker moment, I don’t appreciate these things- changing your life can seem impossible- in fact I can hate it and I sometimes cry. When I put things into proper perspective, and enjoy what I have, they are phenominal. Funny what a point of view can do.


Today I sat out in the sun for one hour and watched Augie play. I did not have a cell phone or an ipod. I did not wish I could go inside and do dishes or watch TLC. I did not even take a book or magazine. For one hour I sat- mostly quietly- and watched Augie move dirt, and pull up grass. I noticed birds, and the fact that the weather was perfect. The only thing “productive” that happened was getting a little sun on my Langley-white legs. It made me think about the quiet that I miss when I am obsessed with being busy.

Thank you Augie.

*** Some new photos… Augie falling asleep in my arms (never happens) Augie and Jeff sleeping on the couch after a too early get up in the morning time (if any one knows how to get him to sleep in past 5:30 am I will pay you for the secret. )
Augie mad becasue he can’t play with Roomba, who lives under the couch. ***

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