At the end of it all Augie just got tired and quit. Oh well!

The night was honestly great, and still I am nervous to have two babies.

What did I learn

1. We made ourselves eat dinner and watch a movie while both boys were here… so we can live a life sometimes with 2 babies

2. You think you have to watch one all the time, and then you have 2. I may not pee for the next year!

3. Augie is probably going to be the tough one (surprise, surprise)

4. Dimitri is adoreable and fun. Makes me excited for Becket

5. There are already toys that are fine for Augie that won’t be fine for Becket

6. I must acheive a state of constant zen to make this work (can you hear the fear in my fingers yet)— but BLESSEDLY, I think I can find that spot

7. I think my mom is going to have to come live with us until, oh, they boys are 10 and 11.

8. Aug. is pretty much going to sit with me the whole time I nurse, rock or hold Beck.

9. I love my sons, and even with my reservation I am so excited to see them play

10. Did you read #7 mom? I am not kidding- pack your bags!

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  1. GB_Fan says:

    Oh yeah, I read # 7 and all I have to say is Been there, done that! Remember you have alot more help (Thanks Jeff for being such a hands on Daddy) than I ever had. However, when we bring August home with us after Becket is born…Do plan on visiting us often. I anticipate that Grampa will be totally unwilling to let him go back to Greeley once he’s had him around for a few days. I also don’t expect Augie wanting to go home….After all, you don’t have a pantry full of the forbidden junk food, nor do you have two “Augie sized” dogs to run and play with. (Grammys always know to keep those evil temptations on hand!)

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