What I will miss…

… when my kids are older

(everyone has to do their own 2007 retrospective. Here is mine)

A kiss or a “shhhhhhhhh” or a treat solving 95% of problems
Smelling their hair and kissing their neck (this sound sketchy- but if you have kids you know it is not)

Playing things I hate and realizing that I love to play them (rocks, scribbling, where is Augie, jingling a little toy above Becket)

Smiles for no reason

Really amazing forgiveness — in seconds

Ripping open presents much more fun than presents
Sharing food
Strawberry milk
Working on the alphabet
Annoying yet wholesome videos
Automatic exercise
The money I save from not being able to shop as long as I want to

Not being very bothered by messes or marker on the floor (I fear I will get uptight about this again some day)

Baby breath smell

Kissing feet
Tiny socks
Sleeping baby/toddler on my chest
Taking baths (again- sketchy, yet not)
Hamming it up for the camera
Not giving a damn about the camera
Cute words like shoutshide
Kids under 4 not being able to do anything maliciously
Other kid’s parties
Messy eating
Playing with water better than playing with expensive toy


Pacifiers (I know a teenage parent or two who would love the 16 year old version of these)
Clapping crazily for pointing to the correct letter/number/shape
Laughing at things no one finds funny when I tell the story later (although most laugh politely)
Jumping on the bed
Eating fruit snacks (umm… as a primary food group)
Having the boys want me more than friends, grandparents or anyone (this is only on occasion, but it makes me feel really necessary)

Absolute JOY in the smallest of victories and freedoms

Carrying them where I want them to go
Thinking dogs are the most amazing thing ever
Giving kisses
Sitting together on the couch
Little hats

Messy hair looking better than combed hair
Everyone wanting to know how the kids are doing
Looking cute with the sling on
Having an excuse for this leftover tummy
Going to the park twice a day
Knowing who Handy Manny is
Saying “pat nice”
Loving the 7pm –quiet hour–
Having funny stories to share with Jeff and my parents

Watching them learn


Happy New Year


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  1. Mindy says:

    Kel, that was so sweet- and so true! I hope you all have a blessed 2007 full of wonder!

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