Sorry it takes me so long to update the blog and yada yada yada… life with 2 kids is so busy! A month can pass in a few hours. Anyone who has been here knows it and anyone who has not fears it.

The boys have been awesome lately. Jeff and I agree that Becket’s personality is emerging with a vengeance. He knows what he wants, and wants it now. Oh, and he can walk. That is right, my tiny baby Beck started walking at 8 months old and now, at 9, is a terror on two feet. How do they get so fast? It is adorable, but just that much more to watch after. We took a trip with Christine and Kathryn to the park the other day and Tiny mentioned how it seemed easier to take the baby weight off when you are always keeping rocks out of 2 mouths. How true.

My new favorite observations.
1. Augie is talking- A LOT! I love it. It is music. he was telling me “go mommy” today as we ran in the stroller. He can identify the “yelwo cirgle” and the “beue twyangle”. He likes to shout at the Little Einstines “YEO! AMIE! JUNE!” When he is hungry we here emphatic “Soup, Stwabewies and appe sauce too!” I love the emphasis he puts on things. He is not Augie Cook He is “Awe-GIE CoOOOOK” (we are mommy Cook and daddy Cook. Beck is Beckit Cook… even Jessie is Jessie Cook). Anyway- it’s like we dodged a bullet, and the words we get every day are a reminder of our miracle.

It is also neat to hear the way he processes things. The other day he was naming my face: Hair, eyes, mouth, nose… and then he stopped, touched my nose ring and said “nose circle”

2. Becket. Oh lordy, the kid is funny- and everything is funny to him. He is almost a bully to Augie, but he really just wants to play. And he can eat… and eat and eat and eat. Literally everything and anything put in his path.

3. The boys play together, a little bit, but they do. Augie took 2 cookies the other day when I told him just one. He took the other to Becket.

4. Outside and double strollers are about heaven right now. Okay, not about, they are heaven. If I can just get my ipod fixed I will be complete

5. Once in a great while Jeff and I get the boys napping at the same time. The other day we were sitting in a clean house while the boys napped simultaneously. We sat really still and read very quietly, like we were afraid to break the spell. Jeff looked at me and said “what did we ever fight about before we had kids?” and I said “I don’t know!”

6. We are starting to play pretend. Oh how I have waited for this! To not just stack things randomly. I can’t wait to build forts and play pirates for real.

7. Eric and Amy are pregnant! Yea! Okay, mostly just Amy is… but that is 2 down, 1 to go! I can’t wait to see our little guys terrorizing each other at BBQs in the back yard. Oh, we did have a fun picnic the other day with the Reavis, Budzinski, Byerly, Ptomey, Schrieber families. I didn’t have my camera, but go to Jake and Sam’s site for a few pics.

8. I love these boys. So much I think I might burst. I am sure it has nothing to do with Becket finally sleeping through the night (mostly) and me not being insane any more.

Enjoy the pics.

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