Welcome to 1215! (as Augie likes to say) here are a few photos of our new digs!

I included the little photos of the house before we painted and moved in. They you can see a comparison. The Roberts did all the hard work… we only painted and moved furniture. We were really fortunate to have our friends be such good craftsmen.

In the boys room I wallpapered some maps onto the wall- hoping for whimsy, but not too much themie stuff or little kid so they will (hopefully) like it for a while

The laundry room needs base board work, but Is supposed to look kind-of Italian underground. don’t ask what that means. Clearly I was getting too creative. At least it’s just the laundry room

The kitchen is now a pretty mellow blue, and the living room an olive green. Color consultation thanks to my brilliant mother in law (and interior designer) Nancy. I was hoping for some historical bungalow colors (the yellow before

was more cheery… we will definitely have to get a few more lights, because it is a lot darker)
and the green really hits it. Thanks to 3 gallons and 6 friends it has a pretty good warmth factor.

There are a few pictures of outside too. I caught the boys from up on the deck. They didn’t know. Augie was all about Daddy and Becket getting his tummy

… very little resistance as you can see.

The master bedroom and Jeff’s office are my current fave. The red is gone and the supposed to be green but kindof gray color is pretty nice. We spent way too much time rearranging our books. I like to tell people that we aren’t pack rats, but it is a lie when it comes to our books.

I hope Jeff really does some good writing in here and makes us a ton of money (that’s what it is all about).

Honestly, though, I have been so happy here already. I think the boys are too. It feels like too much of a blessing. More than we deserve.

If you are reading this from far away (Jessica, Leenie, Sarah, Aaron) or not so far away come see us soon. We have guest bedrooms in the making and a great play space in the back yard. We can’t wait to have you come over.

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