We were so excited last night when we randomly saw Jeff’s book on the shelf at a Barnes and Noble in Loveland… woo hoo! Can you spot it?
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  1. Dan says:

    Hello Kello Jello-

    That must have been a little surreal to see Jeff’s book in the store. So, was Jeff getting out a pen and looking for a fan to give an autograph to?

    Your boys are so cute, they look like twins. Check out sammyrey@blogspot.com for some (occasional) pictures of Sammy.

    BTW…Obama?? You do know that he wouldn’t expect his daughters “if they made a mistake, to be punished with a baby,” right? I’m sure you’ve had this debate with someone, but man, an Obama presidency makes my really nervous. Kello Jello!!

    Well, say hey to Jeff.

  2. Sarah Hunter says:

    Hooray for Jeff! Here’s to your beautiful family and continued success!

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