Here are some photos I took from my lovely freind Rachael from our pumpkin carving party… read on to see why I had to steal them from her.
If it looks like chaos, it was, but it was wonderful. I am still finding pumpkin seeds.

UPDATES for October 2008
On a good note:
Jeff has a new website, complete with video for the seven presentation.
PS-if you have read the book please please please give a little review on, not much (short of purchasing 100 yourself) could help more.
Also, Jeff has a few radio appearances coming up. If you would like to hear them email him at and he will tell you how to make it happen.
On a very good note:
the boys are with my parents today surely eating sugar, jumping on things they aren’t supposed to and looking adorable. Jeff and I are peacefully sipping lattes at Boarders. sigh— like the good old days.
On a great note:
Augie is pretty much up to par on speaking level with his peers. Hallelujah and hooray! He even used his fantastic words to tell us yesterday:
“Look at this rock dad!”
“Where did it come from?”
“I pulled it out of my nose”
“oh, did you stick a rock up your nose yesterday”
“No dad! I stucked a rock DOWN my nose yesterday”
also- Becket might be the sweetest kid alive
On a bad note:
I broke my camera… and not a little bit. It looks like I threw a brick at it and I don’t know how that happened, as in, it is totally unfixable. **sigh** so I am totally un inspired to blog about my beautiful children and life. I could have cried that I missed the jumping in the pile of leaves moment yesterday. Posts may be lame for a while until I re-camerafy myself
I will try to steal pictures from friends and save up for a new camera soon.
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  1. Rachel says:

    We librarians like to say “borrow…” I know your sorrow. I dropped my camera in the river at the Sand Dunes this summer. We bloggers can’t go long without the camera. 🙂

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