8 Years


Last week Jeff and I celebrated our 8th anniversary (Augie says “Happy University!”)

What can I say.

I don’t feel 8 years married in the most wonderful way. I am so thankful to have the best friend that I am married to …this wonderful man. I can’t believe what a great balance we are. We are blessed

Because almost everything I write and then erase seems silly let me just recap one of my favorite bits of each of the last 8 years:

Y1* Hitting the deck in Aurora when we thought there were gun shots in our super cheap apt.

Y2* Moving into Suregard and having a blizzard where Jeff had to jump off the deck into the snow to dig us out

y3* Moving to Greeley and being everyone’s mom and dad… including having them do laundry at our house and show up randomly for dinner

y4* Augie- swaddling and the one arm out of the blanket and the up all night feedings— oh and we remodeled our bathroom in the first week of his life… why did we do that?

y5* Becket- and carrying two babies at a time everywhere… doing speech therapy with Aug. while Becket carried on. Loving nothing more than sleep

y6* Atlas- the leaky beetle, the crack house nursery and having the people we loved agree to do life together even under tough circumstances. Seeing Jeff lead me and everyone

y7* Seven- and really feeling like we are in the beginning of professional spots where we want to be. Settling down at “1920” and then finding our dream house — and Jeff sacrificing a lot (including sanity) to get it for me

y8 * PEACE- finally feeling at the end of the beginning with so many huge processes and changes. Moving/churches/jobs/books/kids.

Making sure we take a date night once a week

looking out the skylights and talking about tomorrow

Fires in the pit and in the stove

painting the house (this could be said any year)

Going green

finding our rythyms in the house, with the boys, with eachother

Knowing that Jeff will want to sit down and do our “year’s accomplishments”, and that his list will be a lot bigger than mine, and that he will think everything I have done is better than everything he has done because he loves me.

Jeff- I love you. You are my partner and best friend. Thank you for encouraging me in art, friendship, motherhood and life.

Here’s to 8 (80!)  more


rally-caps          halloween-with-boys-2007

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