February 9, 10, 11

So Aug, Sorry I got busy. We have been on our own this week, your daddy just got back and we missed him so.

Here is your 3 day catch up

3 things I love about you.

One- you are polite. You say please and thank you. you ask your brother how he is doing. You play nice with your friends, you might be the best sharer I know. I love when you say “Mommy, how are you doing today?” If it turns out you have aspergers, a thought I am really starting to doubt, I don’t think anyone will ever know. You really care about other people. It is an amazing kind of genuine.

125 Two- you are inquisitive. It is fantastic. I love to watch you play games, to see you work things out. Your almost stubborn nature when you want to do it yourself.



Three- you are so Augie …it is hard to explain. You are charming, funny, intelligent and really caring. You are really focused and into things when you want to be and really social other times. You make my heart so happy. You and your brother are my world. This week alone with you, you were my comfort and my joy.You protect me, you love me, you and Becket are the best thing I have ever done.


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