Yea Daddy

So, Jeff doesn’t really post on here much, but promises to write an Augie birthday tribute soon too.



In case you are wondering how the big people in our house are, were good. I am having a really fun semester. AWESOME student teacher Abbey and a really fun time with my first try at Philosophy. Jeff is teaching just one class at UNC this semester so he can write. He has been able to get a lot of different media, radio interviews and (hopefully) good press on Seven that we hope will help bump writing books into his main career.

Here is a little blurb at the Zondervan website they just published that Jeff wrote

As for an update, Jeff is working on book #2. We are hoping that he will also get a job teaching at the community college this fall, as well as keeping his job at UNC. **few**

Last week he went to a pastor’s conference in San Diego and had a great time. We are really excited to see where the books go. For all his blogs, updates and podcasts go to

Yep, that’s it.

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