Yep, we have a lot of birthdays…

So, we celebrate birthdays around here for like a month. I guess I don’t know what to say about that (cough, spoiled brats cough)

But… here is Augie’s almost final birthday party (besides packages from Marmie and Papa Mark and a visit from Nana and Papa John)

On Feb 12th Christine and I took the kids to the Children’s Museum in Denver, one of our faves. We piled all 3 car seats into her awesome hooptie and the kids were so good. They read each other books and sang songs all the way down. Often it was 3 different songs at the same time, but we had a blast.




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One Response to Yep, we have a lot of birthdays…

  1. Jenny O says:

    Happy 4th Birthday Augustine! I can’t believe you’re so old already? How did that happen? And Kel, next time you head to the Children’s Museum, call me! We’d all love to meet you there…Tamsen still hasn’t been since Gavin was born! Love you all…

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