It started with Bet showing up with a lunch box covered in pirates

an easter style hunt for coins

candy necklace prizes

leprechauns to color

clay for making ‘nakes (Becket) and a caterpillar (Augie)

more pot-o-gold hunting turned into flash light hide and seek

and some crawling through the couch cushion tunnel

we played until Augie asked to go to bed, weary and happy.

What happened was more than a really energetic, positive, no crying evening. More than me having some company while Jeff was teaching his night class. More than a two extra hands to blow noses and fetch juice in the spider man cup.  I really felt loved. Real love. Heaven love. Betony came over creativity and genuine longing to invest in my babies. She played hard. She loved them well. She reminded me I am not alone in parenting (you wouldn’t think that I might think that way, but I sometimes do). She selflessly was family tonight, and didn’t seem to think of it.

I am really lucky to not be alone.







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One Response to Pot-o-gold

  1. Fernanda says:

    I love this kids!!!!

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