something Jeff probably wouldn’t post

but I will
This pretty cool guy Tim Keel (Jacob’s Well Church) is using some Jeff ideas and even quotes in his talks for a series:

Hi Jeff,

My name is Tim Keel. I pastor a church in Kansas City, MO, that I planted
about ten years ago called Jacob’s Well. I am writing to let you know how
much I am enjoying your book.
I decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to preach through the
seven deadly sins for the seven weeks of Lent. Right before I went away to a
monastery for a time of preparation and study, I picked up a couple extra
books lat minute to add to my references. Yours is one of the books I picked
up. It has been an incredibly valuable resource for me over the last couple
of weeks and I have borrowed liberally from your ideas and words. I just
wanted to let you know how good I think what you have done is, and how
grateful I am to get to access your work and share it with others.
Blessings to you this Lenten season.
I stole this from his email, because that is just the wife I am.

I dig that he doesn’t know Jeff, he just knows the book.

the most recent three on his church’s web page start the sin series. Enjoy.

Oh, to go to Jeff’s website for his podcasts go to

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