Becket Augie Mommy Daddy Day

it’s what we call our family day. Some how it got that really long title and it just stuck. It is probably my favorite thing we have ever “invented”. Here is a typical one- wake up and mull around, out of the house by 10. Walk around the UNC campus with coffee. Go to Indian food in Ft. Collins. Go to the “dinosaur” park.  Head back home. Becket falls asleep in the car. Augie reads books or asks us which exit is next (for every single exit). Pick up a move. Make dinner. Watch movies. Go to bed late.

I cannot believe that with all my translate-for-the-UN-some-day aspirations I have become so happy to live this life.

Tonight as I was hanging with the boys we did the simplest things and it made me happy to the point of tears.

One of the best was we went to the car wash. They love love lovethe car wash. I know it is because I let them “ride” in the front seat as the scrubbers go overhead. I didn’t watch the car wash tonight, I watched them;Their little buns fitting snugly next to eachother  in the bucket seat; Their oohs and ahs at rainbow soap and the different speed of rain; Their insistence on wearing the seat belt  around both of them even though we aren’t moving. The dialog they had as they explained what was going on to one another.

My kids take something that is a dreaded chore and make it a joy. They relish digging out and throwing away each piece of trash. They love to put the coins in for the vacuum and then squeal because it is too loud. They want to move the wipers when we are done. They waved and yelled “goodbye car wash!” when we left.

I sometimes wonder why people have kids. They don’t make life easier, cheaper, free-er…

but they do make life good. They remind me that heaven isn’t an afterlife to be obtained it is a present reality- a perspective really. They live in heaven because they love everyone and everything. They don’t give me money or free time, but they give me what I could never have on my own and that is heaven.


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