Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Going on my list of 5 most incredible experiences of life will be this day. June 19th (as predicted) little Lucy Coons showed up healthy and happy. I got to cheer on my wonderful best friend, Betony, as she rocked that delivery au natural. I took most of the pictures with Bet’s camera, and they will show up in a week or two on her family’s website I am sure… here are the highlights:

My best friends for over 10 years met at Margie’s coffee shop (our college hang out) to hear two bits of good news- 1. the Myers will be having their second GIRL in November and 2. Lucy is on her way! It was comical and endearing to have Bet bent over in labor as we sipped our lattes… I am sure she didn’t think it was quite so fun. (Aug and Beck were in school today)





this year all the boys will celebrate father’s day


Tiny and Betony on their last day being belly sisters


Welcome little girl! Lucy Israel Coons born @ 7:39am

 7lbs 2 oz, 20.5 inches long- TONS OF HAIR and happy as a clam.

I learned 3 things today:

Life is so much bigger than I can even handle- I spend half the day crying with joy

Betony is my hero

I am really glad that Betony didn’t bite any of us when she was having contractions, because if the finger print bruises on my arms and back are any indication… well…


Saturday the boys come to meet baby Lucy (an mostly jump on the couch and eat Bet’s crackers). If you want an accurate due date prediction just ask Augie who said with total assurance “Baby Lucy’s birthday is June 19th” for the last 4 months. Becket was really excited that she was having a birthday (although a bit disappointed that there was no cake when we showed up.” Both boys think that hospitals are only for being born or when you have stitches… I would love to know what that means to them.





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