Jeff’s 33rd revolution

Jeff always says he wants time and not gifts for his birthday. Monday I made him put his money where is his mouth is and took him and the boys camping instead of buying anything. We had a fantastic time. We tried to go camping last year and it didn’t work out (don’t ask… okay, do, but only after a few margs). I think we were both a little trepidatious because it is one of our favorite activities together and we had a big fear that the boys wouldn’t love it. We were wrong. Infact, they might love it a little too much. They don’t understand why every night isn’t camping night now.


The boys loved hiking. We got in a good 3 miles in two days. They one part they weren’t too good at is slowing down. Becket in his jump-skip-hop manner would get a bit ahead of himself and then take a tumble. We didn’t really realize that hiking is a skill.


This was Ranger Scott’s first night. He was awesome. We even got a lift in his truck one mile up to our campsite. Unfortunatly we had to hike all our stuff down… in two trips because I insisted on bringing all the creature comforts, but atleast we got a break going in.




There’s nothin’ some melty sugar on a stick can’t fixDSCF1515

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One Response to Jeff’s 33rd revolution

  1. Aunt Faye says:

    Kel, you’re killing me with seeing how a family should be so filled with love. If I had one wish today, it would be that you had been my Mother rather than my niece. I so am enjoying sharing your adventures through this blog site. Thank you, Aunt Faye

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