Becket’s first day of Kindergarden

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Photo blog

So I have an iphone now (WOOT!) but I can’t post directly to wordpress… and truth is I am doing so many photos that just don’t get here… so as overkill as it may seem here is the instagram arm of our life- a blog of photos taken in the field.


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The first lost tooth

Aug was a champ

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Big Augie and Little Augie

Not too many moms name their sons Augustine… but one of my students who I adore also got stuck with, er, um blessed with that awesome name too. Augustine (Gus) Martin and Augie here, both rocking their unique names.

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i photo

it’s what we do when we are bored.

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Don’t ever say…

… that you haven’t had an injury or an illness in the family for a while. Don’t. Ever. Say. It.

Becket, who is just fine, fell off the playground equipment at daycare today.

8 staples later he remains the toughest kid I know.

He is super impressed by his “mummy costume” and didn’t cry. They didn’t even have to inject the Novocain (thank goodness! I hate that part) they packed it with topical anesthetic and 30 mins later we are home. Bah! Seriously, I don’t even get upset any more… I have become acclimatized to the madness.

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The Lesson

We went to the park today. Lots of kids. A group of big kids, about 5 of them 8-13 years of age. Augie came up to me at about 15 minutes in and said “Should I ask the big kids to play mummy-mummy with us?” My mind horribly flashes back to last summer when we tagged along with the boys and girls club at a free-swim and some bigger kids not only said “no, we don’t want to play with you we are leaving.” They didn’t leave, but continued to be rude and mean until I dragged a very confused Aug away. “Why couldn’t they like me?” Is what he had said. I cried while we drove away.

“Yes.” I said “Ask them to play, but if they don’t want to that is okay and you are still a good friend.”

He went over, Becket right behind. I held my breath. I couldn’t hear the from the bench. I was hoping that they would be nice in their refusal. To my surprise the biggest kid called over his brothers? Cousins? and then lay on the ground, clearly making himself the mummy.

That is how it went for 2 hours. 2. They played every game, like siblings (actually better) they traded roles, they invented games. The biggest boy would rub Beck on the head or help Aug to the first bar on the monkey bars. They talked nicely, they put up with the boys being littler and goofier. They all seemed to really have fun. I could hardly bring myself to make them leave. They were all so … happy. They really were pirates and mummies and ducks. They had heaven. They had unity. It was amazing.

When we left (the boys almost threw a fit, I was ready for it) I told the older kids how amazed I was with how they acted. I hope they heard me. I mean they listened, but I hope they heard. I felt like if there was anything at all I could do to preserve that spirit, to keep that love in them as they pass into high school I would try.

And Augie, well, he wasn’t afraid to try again. Other rejections have not killed his spirit. He believes in people. He takes chances. Becket doesn’t think that being the littlest means he is invaluable, or not able to take the lead.

I was just hoping they would get let down easy- expecting rejection for my loving little sons.

The lesson, it seems, was for me.

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Aug is 6!

And the pinata was a hit (pun intended)

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Brought to you buy having too much fun to write a real post

Valentines day cards

play dates

Cal’s 3rd birthday


the in-lap-top-cam

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16 things about Augie… who is about to be 6

1. he loves board games
2. the story of Jonah… because Jonah gets barfed out
3. He is SO logical
4. we live in Colorado
5. writes writes writes… don’t forget the “finger spacing”
6. LOVES his name and is a picky eater
7. likes to wear mommy’s circular scarf (what a hipster)
8. loves the pool and the bath

9. his favorite thing at school is “calendar time”

10. LOVES puzzles and riding his bike
11. He is a big brother to Becket
12. Helps me set the table every night
13. We play soccer… mostly so he can yell “Goaaaaaallllaaaahhhh!”
14. A ham for the camera
15. Wants to live in Florida some day “There are not Mosquitos, and my cousins are there!”
16. Loves letters… and his name: Augie!

You can see the whole list and all these cute pictures here :

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